History of the Laboratory and member
The Graviton Laboratory has been created at the beginning of the year 2003. Previously, its activities where leaded within the Centre for High Activities in Procedures, Operations and Neurons. The CHAPON was French. Its translation in English would simply be CAPON, as the traditional superiority complex of the French citizens disappears under Anglo-Saxon pressure.
The founding father of the CHAPON had as an aim to define the psychological basis of a creative way of thinking for a unification theory in physics with application of the same concepts both in theoretical physics and economics.
As a virtual research centre, the CHAPON's father,
Emmanuel Chauvet, benefitted much by its first interactions with the President of the Laboratoire de Physique Théorique Fondamentale de Paris (LPTFP: Paris Theoretical Fundamental Physics Laboratory). This first meeting took place in the Henri Poincaré Institute (IHP), in Paris, in 1997.
The main advisor of Emmanuel Chauvet was André Lichnérowicz, a great mathematical physicist, a scholar, a scientist and an academician of the
French Academy of Science. Thanks to André Lichnérowicz, Emmanuel Chauvet could be admitted as a reader in the IHP Library and then could be involved in lectures and seminars of the Emile Borel Centre (CEB). The manager of the IHP, who is also always a brilliant mathematician, invited him to the three months of Functional Integration of the last quarter of 1997 (organized by Cecile Morette De Witt, Pierre Cartier and Jean-Michel Bismut). This invitation was a good surprise because, probably by chance, it was announced the day of the birthday of Emmanuel.
In parallel with his wandering in the IHP, Emmanuel attended many lectures and seminars of mathematics, physics and other matters in the "
Ecole Normale Supérieure" (ENS), at the "Collège de France" and at the Paris (VI - VII) University.
Incapable of entering the academic prevailing way of working and thinking he went on with his own research (essentially notes) without trying really to be published before being able to afford to produce a financial research personal effort (hardware and sofware purchases, participation in symposiums, long preparation of clear papers...). The present Web site is a part of his effort.
Based on his first notes of 1996 and 1997, the founding paper (
documents to download) has been written as the Graviton Laboratory was virtually created by Emmanuel Chauvet.
Since 1998, Emmanuel has been working as a consultant in different fields. He has been leading or participating in futurology studies on defence topics for several years.